RDPRU Research Team

The RDPRU promotes a multidisciplinary approach and has occasionally cooperated with researchers from the whole wide range of Social Sciences (economists, economic geographers, regional scientists, political scientists, sociologists, statisticians, etc.). Furthermore, it is particularly interested in international comparative analysis. The RDPRU is very experienced in project coordination and has participated in many international research projects.

  • Stella Karagianni, Economist, Professor University of Macedonia
  • Thanasis Kalogeresis, Economist, Associate Professor Department of Spatial Planning and Development Engineering, Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki
  •  Artemis Kourtesis, Dr Economist, Δρ. οικονομολόγος, European Commission Official
  • Anastasia Panori, Dr Electrical Engineer, Economist
  • Ilias Thanis Dr Economist, / Political scientist
  • Theodosis Sykas Dr Economist adjunct Lecturer Dept of Social Policy Dimokriteio University of Thrace
  • Nikow Vogiatzis Dr Economist
  • Aspa Kyriaki economist, Ph.D. candidate
  • Yanna Mpella, Economist